Types of customers that lease with FlexiRent

Leasing allows businesses to rent necessary equipment and stretch their budget further without outlaying large capital amounts upfront

You can lease almost anything…

  • IT Technology & Software
  • Communication Systems
  • Point-of-Sale Solutions
  • Hospitality Equipment
  • Health Care Equipment
  • Office Equipment & Furniture
  • Fitness Equipment

The best way to pay for business equipment

Whether you’re using it for business, investment or
work related use, you’ll always have access to the latest
equipment on a budget that suits you. With FlexiRent
Finance Solutions’ Equipment Protect option you’ll
also have peace of mind, knowing that your equipment
is always protected.


How To Apply – Precess Flow

  • Application
  • Contract Documents
  • Settlement

Advantages of leasing your equipment…

  • Cashflow friendly..
  • Tax Deductible…
  • Etc.

Get a Quote

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