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Delivery Time Frames

Delivery can be expected within three to five working days from confirmation of order.

Export Conditions

All sales finalised on the website is for sole use within New Zealand and Citywide will not be liable for any warranty or other liabilities should the purchaser choose to export the purchased product

Prices and Terms

The goods shall be purchased or quoted on these Terms and Conditions and at prices prevailing at the time the goods are dispatched. All prices quoted are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST. These terms and conditions shall prevail unless varied in writing prior to dispatch of products.

Terms of Payment


Your payment is processed through eWAY's Payment Gateway. eWAY secures all your customer and credit-card data with military-grade software & servers and the highest level of encryption available. Citywide Tech Limited will not store or transfer any of your credit card information. All data is transferred using eWAY's secure servers.

After placing an order your credit card details will be processed through the secure online payment gateway. On the successful completion of your transaction you will be presented with your receipt.


Payments not made on due date may, at Citywide’s sole discretion, attract interest from the date of the invoice at the rate of 2% per month until paid.

Credit Limit

Citywide may cancel orders in respect of any undelivered goods or may withhold delivery of future orders if the customer's account exceeds the credit terms set by Citywide.

Non-Receipt or Damage

All goods must be checked on receipt as to quantity and / or damage. Non-receipt or damage must be reported by the customer to both the Carrier and Citywide within 3 days from the date of delivery, otherwise the claim may be rejected by Citywide. Citywide will replace goods covered by approved claims.

Returned Goods

No goods shall be returned for credit without Citywide’s prior written approval.


All claims regarding goods supplied or allegations regarding goods not having been supplied as per invoice / packing slip shall be made within 3 days of delivery of the goods and, in the absence of any claim, the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the terms of the invoice as correct and accept that the goods specified are as delivered.

Claims Return Policy

Risk and Delivery

Risk passes to the Customer on delivery of the goods. Delivery shall be deemed complete when Citywide gives possession of the goods directly to the Customer, or possession of the goods is given to a carrier, courier, or other bailer for the purposes of transmission to the customer.



Personal Property Securities Act 1999 ('PPSA')

Privacy Act

Personal Guarantee of Company Directors or Trustees

If the Customer is a company or trust, the director(s) or trustee(s) signing this contract, in consideration of Citywide agreeing to supply goods and grant credit to the Customer at their request, also sign this contract in their personal capacity and jointly and severally personally undertake as principal debtors to Citywide the payment of any and all monies now or hereafter owed by the Customer to Citywide and indemnify Citywide against non-payment by the Customer. Any personal liability of a signatory hereto shall not exclude the Customer in any way whatsoever from the liabilities and obligations contained in this contract. The signatories and Customer shall be jointly and severally liable under the terms and conditions of this contract and for payment of all sums due here under.


If the Customer is a company or trust, the director(s) or trustee(s) signing this contract, in If a term or condition herein is held by a Court to be unenforceable then such term or condition shall be severed from all other terms and conditions without affecting the enforceability of those terms and conditions.

Citywide Tech Repairs Terms & Conditions

Below are the Terms & Conditions that relate to the repair of your product by Citywide Tech Limited (Citywide Tech)