Data Backup And Recovery

Safeguard your business, knowing you can recover lost data.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Easy data backup and recovery

What is NAS?

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is an intelligent storage device connected to your office network. You can store all your files on the NAS.

By using a web browser or mobile apps, you can access files and use various services provided by the NAS via the Internet.

Why does your office need NAS?

Businesses with 50 or fewer employees need to store ever-increasing amount of data.
They also require affordable solutions to back up data, share files, and collaborate on a single file at the same time.

DiskStation DS220+

Compact and high performance NAS solution

Synology DS220+ is a compact network-attached storage solution designed to streamline your data and multimedia management. It features smooth data sharing, video streaming, and photo indexing, as well as well-rounded data protection and recovery options.


- Share and collect files in a breeze
- Backup your Workstation PC/Laptop Automatically
- Seamless integration with your mobile devices
- Access your files anytime, anywhere online

data backup and recovery
data backup and recovery


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